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In 2014, I started GTT to pitch an online university. We didn't win the account, but they liked us and our ideas enough to hire GTT to produce a campaign for their Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences and other work for various campuses and programs.


Soon, a new company being launched by Flagship Pioneering (same parent company that launched Moderna, the COVID-19 vaccine company) came across the GTT website and reached out to help them design their brand identity, write a launch strategy, build/design their website and create online content. Other companies within Flagship Pioneering saw our work, and they hired us to do the same for a few other new company launches.  Biotech, who knew?!


GTT has proven to be an invaluable way to gain more agency experience by having an agency. We are always looking for more projects from other companies, businesses, products or services.

But not for cigarettes. Those are bad for you.


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